Truck Scale Rental

This isn't floor scale rental, nor is it crane scale rental. Although, we have rented both of those items in the past. These are large scales for trucks to drive across and stop on the scale to get a weight.  Sometimes you don't need to purchase a truck scale, you just need to rent one for six months. If that is the case, the ATV truck scale is a more compact steel deck design engineered for portability and movement from job to job. Self-setting hinge-like connectors make for easy break down and reassembly, and an overall low profile keeps approaches low and gradual. But the ATV wouldn't be a SURVIVOR if it didn't have the trademark heavy duty construction. It's tightly spaced wide flange i-beams and rigid construction are classic Rice Lake features.  A lot of portable truck scale rental plans would include a digital weight indicator which will show you the weight of the truck on the scale and a scale ticket printer which will print out the weight that is on the scale. Many times you can print the weight on paper or you can use scale tickets with multiple copies.  Perhaps you are just starting a metal recycling center and are looking for scale rental in Florida or maybe you have several locations in Texas or expanding and need rental scales in Dallas, this might be a good solution for your business compared to buying a truck scale.  The same examples are true in other areas as well. Perhaps you are in the oil industry in Texas or North Dakota, this might be a good option for you. Solar and Electronics industries searching for scale rental CA might benefit from this as well since it would be less upfront capital expenditures.

portable electronic truck scales for rent

So whether it is scale rental for Atlanta, GA or portable truck scales to rent in Austin, TX we have the scale for your application. To inquire about a truck scale rental plan contact our scale rental company at (919) 776-7737 or email
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